6 Best Performing Full Face Snorkel Masks to Enjoy the Sea Better

A full face snorkel mask is a great boon. They are perfect for beginners as there is no learning curve. You can just wear one and enjoy the splendors of the underwater world. Breathing through your mouth will be extremely comfortable.

These masks are very useful even for experienced snorkelers. There are a number of advantages of wearing them. For instance, they don’t fog so easily. There is no sore mouth or sore jaws from having to hold on to the snorkel. With these masks, there is the option of not having to shave off the mustache, for men. But there can still be a bit of leakage, in a few models. Innovative design of the full face masks gives a better snorkeling experience.

In recent years, full face snorkel masks have become very popular. You will now find them from many manufacturers. Here are the 6 best full face snorkel masks available.

  • Tribord Easybreath Full Face Snorkeling Mask

Available in 8 colors, and 4 different sizes, the Tribord Easybreath lets you see and breathe below the water easily. The snorkel mouthpiece isn’t unhygienic, uncomfortable, or intrusive. Thanks to its large size, you will always get unobstructed 180 degree views. Its double air-flow system prevents fogging.

Equipped with a one-way valve, the snorkel’s top is plugged when you are below the water, which makes sure that water cannot enter your mouth through the snorkel. The snorkel’s top can be viewed from 4 times further away than traditional masks. Its shatterproof polycarbonate window makes it safer to use.

  • Octobermoon Second Gerneration 180° View Full Face Snorkel Mask

The Octobermoon full face snorkel mask is another excellent choice. Its skirt is made from non-toxic silicon material, which is procured from Bayer of Germany. It is wide, so it molds easily to any face shape or size. The mask will seal properly even if you have a full beard. There is a ball in the purge valve, which seals the snorkel efficiently.

The mask won’t stick, like other cheaper models. It comes with a mounting bracket where you can attach the underwater camera. The mounting kit has all the necessary screws.

  • WSTOO 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask

This full face snorkel mask will give you 180 ° viewing area, which is what you need below the water. It is easier to breathe because of the longer design.  Its skirt is made of anti-allergic silicone material, making it more suitable for your skin. It is healthier. Shatterproof polycarbonate window provides additional safety.

Thanks to its innovative design, there is more breathing room that allows streamlined airflow, thereby eliminating atomization. The valve closes automatically, preventing water inflow. This mask also comes with a Money Back Guarantee.

  • Easy Breath Snorkeling Mask

This is the latest foldable full face snorkel mask design. It folds easily with just a push of a button. With other masks, the buckle can get damaged easily as you try to fold. The large viewing area gives you a 180 degree field of vision. Its flat lens makes the scene more real. Most other snorkel masks have fisheye lens, which can make you feel dizzy and give you a headache.

You can breathe through your nose. You don’t have to hold the breathing tube in your mouth, which is a great convenience. The snorkel is longer, so you can dive deeper.

  • Seaview 180 Degree Panoramic

This is one of the most trusted full face snorkel masks. Its 180° field of vision gives you a better experience than most other masks. You can easily attach the GoPro camera and capture everything you see underwater. The GoPro Mount is included. You can breathe through your mouth or nose in the water. Salt water never gets into your mouth. It also prevents any gagging. As a result, you don’t focus on equipment, but your experience.

Fogging up is never a problem, thanks to its advanced design. The airflow is always away from the main viewing visor. You can thus snorkel longer.

  • SEGMART Seaview 180° Panoramic

The water-tight and ergonomic design of this full face snorkel mask is perfect for your underwater adventure. It seals tightly, even on facial hair, never allowing any water to leak through. This mask from SEGMART comes with a high-quality soft silicone rubber skirt. The strap buckles are quick adjusting. Its size is measured to the bottom of your chin from your eyebrows.

The viewing area is a complete 180 degrees, giving you wider visibility. This also keeps you safe, because you want to know what is there around you. A separate breathing chamber prevents fogging. At 1.2lbs or 554g, this full face snorkel mask model is lightweight and convenient to use.